My life……as I see it….

Welcome to my life. As if you really care…. But I have been told I should write something about being a mom, of 5 amazing and different and talented and quirky kiddos. So here goes…. welcome, and I hope that you find our life and our lessons an interesting part to your day………..


Beautiful, smart, creative, talented…my oldest is a senior in High School this year and we just relocated halfway across the country, from Kansas to North Carolina. With the move we had to figure out graduation requirements, senior pictures, transportation and …… friends. Thankfully, is this day and age of technology we have the blessings of the internet and Skype. So although friends are 22 hours away – via road trip – they are only a screen call away via Skype.


My multi talented Sophmore. Sarah can sing~ like an angel. And I am not just saying that. All of her choir teachers ~ those that bothered to listen, have been stunned at her vocal abilities and range. On top of that she can draw! Phew can she draw without a single lesson (except for those in elementary school). I will post some for you enjoyment. AND she is gifted in gymnastics and creativity and beauty….


Our one and only boy. Poor guy, but as I keep saying, he is going to make some lucky girl an awesome husband. He knows exactly what to expect…. from a girl. Matthew is in 5th grade this year. His last year in elementary school and off to Middle School he will go, this saddens me. He is a quirky little guy. Full of ideas and thoughts. His mind is going ALL the time. He is as bright as a star going NOVA and brings a smile to my lips every time I think of him. He is awfully smart and very lovable and loving. Need a hug? Matthew is your guy.


Oh my. Rebecca just turned 9 and has the ability to make a friend out of the troll under the bridge, if you get what I mean. She is so sweet natured and caring that one can’t help but love her. She cares about everyone and wants everyone to be happy. She is the only munchkin that has darker hair and olive skin (my a trowback from my brother Tad? who knows?). She is a horse lover at the moment and lasted the longest of all the kids with her “vegetarian” stage- almost 9 months!  Heather did it for about a week and Sarah for about 2 hours! Hahaha! Matthew didn’t even attempt to fool himself or anyone else….Meatloaf anyone?


Our little surprise! Mikayla is in first grade and a whopping 6 year old. (That is so NOT RIGHT!) How can our baby be in elementary school? She is a sweet natured, time conscious, rule following, quiet and creative babe. -Where did she come from?!- Mikayla is, at the moment, a lover of the piano. FINALLY, someone likes a musical instrument around here. And we are blessed with owning the piano that I grew up with- thanx mom and dad! Mikayla is taking piano lessons and LOVES it! again thanx to her teacher, Miss Julie. I pray that she follows this into further years and blows her momma away with her abilites~ not that it woud take much to do that, since I only love the piano, but am not talented enough to play it very well.

And our angels~

We have been blessed with 5 babes here on earth and 5 babes waiting for us in heaven. God bless.


The husband. The father. The lover. The friend.

But this blog is about me being a parent…. So our story, Jeff’s and mine, will be just that, our story.

BUT….. I have to say that the family doesn’t end there……


Our collie, lab, and ? mutt. He was a Christmas gift from Santa to Heather in 3rd grade and has blessed our household with his devotion to family and his attention to protecting said family. Thanx buddy.


Our little Texas girl. We picked her up during vacation in a pound. We were told she was a Doberman…. but 2.5 years later, I am thinking that she had a growth stunt or something, because she looks a little like a minpin…. only bigger and heavier. But she is under the assumption that she is a lap dog…. and I guess we permit her that luxory.


I am a daughter of God. I am a proud momma, a loving wife, a devoted daughter, a caring friend, a baby sister to 3 brothers and 2 sisters and an auntie to 12 neices and nephews.

I want to be a teacher. I love the sight of knowledge sinking in to little brains~ and big brains too!

Follow me, don’t follow me….. but IF you do follow me, I promise that we can learn together…. from day to day struggles and joys.

God bless you and keep you.




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