September 13th, Thursday

Today I will talk about Heather. The next time….. who knows WHO will be pushing my buttons….. Image

She wants so bad to go back to schooling at home via the internet. But North Carolina does not have online schools. They have classes that you can take to enhance your knowledge/schooling ~ but you can’t graduate from it. So just to check it out I have put in a call to Mr. Templin at Andover eCademy, where she “attended” last year and they are looking into the possibility of her continuing with them. Would we have to go back for her graduation? I am not sure. They would graduate in May…. could she continue taking English at the college level? I sure hope so, she has her Freshman English done and could may be move on to Sophomore? She would be ecstatic! And bonuses of continuing with Andover e? She wouldn’t have to take the Freshman courses that she needs to take here! I will keep you posted. And for those of you that don’t know the background: We pulled Heather from the Augusta public schools for health issues. Because of those issues she was having difficultly with her attendance and the school was unable to work with us, due to policy. So we looked into homeschooling and found that she could “attend” public school via internet with Andover eCademy. The staff is awesome and they are more than willing to work with the students and the parents. Heather was able to attend Butler Community College and take English Composition and Creative Writing for equal credits at the High School and College level.

Prayers are welcome concerning our final decision. Is it best? I believe that for our daughter, for this time in her life and for the circumstances that brought her where she is….. it is. Prayers, I guess would be more for Heather. Uplifting her and praying that she can manage her time and her courses and her health. Prayers for me, as I will be her mentor, monitor and all around mean momma (riding her to complete her work and do it with the grace and enlightenment of a true scholar-which I believe she is).

With God’s grace I parent our 5 blessings.

Mary Anne~


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