The joy of giving…. the art of grace….

So, today I am driving up to Richmond, VA to my niece’s 4th birthday party (it was held at the perfect place for a vibrant, fun tike…. ChuckECheese’s) and in the car with me are Matthew, Rebecca and Mikayla. (Heather and Sarah were otherwise occupied and Jeff is leaving on a business trip tomorrow morning and needed the day to prepare). As we drove down the road (well up actually), all 2 1/2 hours of the I95 trip, I asked the children if they would consider giving their cousin their game tickets as part of her birthday gift. We had purchased her some “Ken” clothes and made some paper gifts but the children still wanted to get her something else but time got away from me so….. The children were all on board and said not a word or noise of disconnect. So as we celebrated their cousin’s birthday my three youngest happily handed over their tickets to their aunt and uncle so that their little cousin could choose a better prize than before. Don’t get me wrong, Rebecca hesitated the first time she brought her tickets back to the table – be it because she was unsure as to how to hand them over or who to hand them over to OR because she was questioning her decision- but in the end my three added a little over 300 points to Meagan’s 1250 points that she got a lunch pail, cotton candy, a hair piece and odds and ends. I was proud, pleased, happy with my little angels. They carried themselves with grace.

We arrive home to a quiet house (now this should have been my first indication that something was wrong) and I was grateful, because I was tired. Jeff was relaxing, Heather was doing school work and I went to lay down for a few moments. around 8:00, I’m doing dishes and getting ready to wrap it up for the night and realize that I haven’t seen the dogs…. yep, the dogs are gone, slipped out of the yard at some point today while we were gone. We spent the better part of an hour traveling the neighborhood and calling for the dogs, to no avail ~ except we met some more neighbors. We called the pound, also with no luck and I left our name with the kind woman on the other end of the phone. Now………. I have to comfort three teary eyed munchkins… I am sure that they will show up, but if you read this soon, pray for us and for Kanadah and Shikku.

God bless,

Mary Anne~


2 thoughts on “The joy of giving…. the art of grace….

  1. The dogs found their way home this morning about 12:30. The Lord answered our prayers. But now Kanadah is walking around like he is in pain…. poor guy. Well he is 70 years old in human years and he had to have walked around ALOT yesterday.
    Lots of praise for their return.
    Mary Anne~

    1. Ah im glad they found their way home!!!! I know there would be many broken hearts if not!! Hope all else is well and I miss you so much!!!

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