Trying to guide teenagers to God…(any ideas?)

I am not sure if anyone is listening, maybe I am just “talking” to myself. But here goes…. So I swore, as a young mother- with no teenagers- that I would not allow my children, as they became teenagers, to rule their church attendance. Boy did I presume that parents have any say… For months now, and I mean months, Heather and Sarah have been doing this ….well lack of a better term, game. I tell them the day before that we are going to church the next morning and that they need to pick out their clothes and get to sleep at a decent time and they pull this thing where they don’t get up, they aren’t ready, and then they full around with makeup or brushing their teeth or whatever to the point that we are going to be late and they know that I will leave without them. So how can I get the “word of God” to their ears? How can I feed their souls and help them on their faith journey? I don’t know! And that scares me! When I was their age I loved church. I loved Sunday school, church, choir, youth group. I loved retreats and mission trips and church camp. I hitchhiked to church… God called me.  I thought maybe the move would help. I thought if I let them choose which church we would go to they would feel more comfortable, have ownership. But it has been just a frustrating here as it was in Augusta. Any help, thoughts, suggestions, prayers would be much appreciated.

Mom to 5

Mary Anne~


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