Narcissism….. an epidemic of “magnitudious” proportions

Are all children narcissistic? I mean, I feel like a servant, laundry, cleaning, laundry, making meals and then cleaning up after it….oh and did I mention laundry?!

Yes we assign, or rather I assign, jobs to the children. They each have a specific night that they are responsible for clearing the table and setting it for dinner (yes we sit down to dinner every night and eat together) and that same person is also responsible for cleaning the table after dinner and putting dinner away. Do they do it? Or rather do they do it without being reminded – again and again and again….. well you get it – do they? NO! It is so frustrating!

Sometimes I think I spend more time yelling at my children then I do talking to them. Yelling at them to wake up, yelling at them to get up, yelling at them to get dressed (grant it this is me yelling up the stairs to do these things while I am down stairs getting lunch packed, back packs loaded and lined up at the door, and breakfast on the table, and folding another load of laundry). Eventually I do Yell at them to get their little tushies moving so that we won’t be late, again.  Then as dinner time approaches, 5:00- 5:15, I call for whoever to come do the table. Then I start yelling for whoever to come do the table, just in case they didn’t hear me remind them that it was their night… Then the yelling really kicks in because I am elbow deep in making dinner and cleaning up the making of dinner that I can’t go in search of said offender of their chore…. It is an evil cycle. I would love to change it. I am not screaming at my children, I do not think they hear it as an affront. I honestly think they just don’t hear me anymore…. I am white noise. I am white noise….Wow! I am white noise…. Hmmmmmm, I don’t know how I feel about that.

Where do I go from here? Well I guess the first is to admit you have a problem….. Aha! I get rid of the kids!! LOL! As if! So since that is not an option…Where to now?

Phew…… mom of 5, 2 of them teenagers!

Mary Anne~


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