Busy, busy, busy mom

So, this post has little to do with my children, except the fact that I volunteered at their elementary school today to help with picture day.

I called and asked if they needed help with the pictures that were scheduled for today and I was told that they would love some help. That there was only one mom there to assist 2 photographers and could I show up at 8:15. “Sure,” I said, “see you then.” So I went to the school to help out with the 500+ children and all of the staff with picture day. Now the school was happy I was there…..but the other “volunteer”, not so much. She said to me that she had been doing picture day by herself for years….. and then proceeded to do her best to ignore me and over rule me at every possible turn. But I stuck it out and helped with the students and staff pictures. It was an interesting reaction…. I wonder what she was worried about? I certainly didn’t hurt her “position” as being the only volunteer for years…. or did I? As far as I am concerned we could just pretend that I wasn’t there and she can proclaim another year of being the brave soul to tackle the job solo.

And on another note. I finished all the paperwork and applications and have been accepted in the Wilson School District as Substitute teacher. I am pretty excited and scared. My first assignment is to sub for an English teacher at the learning center for 2 days. Then sub for the art teacher at Wells (my kids school) for 2 days and possibly sub for her at another school that she covers on 2 other days. Keep me in your prayers.

Now an employed (outside of the home) mom of 5

Mary Anne~


One thought on “Busy, busy, busy mom

  1. My son getting his school pictures is one of my favorite parts of the school year. I think it is nice that you did that. Oct. 3 I am having his friend Dylan and Dylan’s mother over for a Friday night pizza night. She just began subbing at our boys’ school.

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