Here kitty, kitty, kitty……

Oh for Heaven’s sake! Heather and Sarah were out just hanging and discovering the town, stopping at Bojangles for some nourishment when they rescued a teeny tiny little kitten from the wheel well of a car that was about to drive away. They jumped in front of the car and pleaded with the driver to let them save the kitten…..

And, you guessed right, the teeny, tiny kitty is here. Being treated like a princess. She does have to go though. We need to find her a new home. Where she will be as loved and cherished as she is here. So pray for us, pray that we can find someone to love her and pray that the children understand. Now is not the time, in a year, maybe we will be in a different place? Hopefully we will be.

And on a different note. Mikayla asked me if she could “see the phone”. She wanted to make a call to her Meemee! “I miss her sooooo much!” she said. So she called and talked aimlessly about all sorts of things. She sang her a song and talked about school and her friends and played the piano for her. I know that my mom loved it! Boy I miss my parents! More than I did when we moved to Kansas. Probably because I had them to myself for 3 years and now I don’t have them at all, except by phone.

Well Prayers and blessing to you all.

Mom of 5 amazing individuals!

Mary Anne~


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