Our son….

Matthew, our son. He is stuck in the middle of 4 girls, 2 older sisters and 2 younger ones. He handles his predicament “like a man”. Well I guess he doesn’t have any other choice, it is his life. When people comment on his position in life, he just shrugs or laughs it off.

He turns 11 at the end of next month, 70 years younger than his MeeMee to the day- less one. And he is one of the shortest if not the shortest guy in his class. Matthew is in a terrible position, we moved him across the country away from all of his best buds and friends. Away from all the people that he grew up with and accept him for the absolutely awesome short dude that he is. And into a school where the kids are mostly 6′ tall!

Matthew surprises me and everyone around him time and again. From things that he says and things that he does. An example: We attend the Untied Methodist Church and the first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday. A few Sunday’s ago we participated, for the first time at this particular church. I left the choir loft to join my children for communion and as we knelt at the altar and received our sacraments Matthew asked me why there was money left on the altar. I told him that it was a special offering, and told him we needed to go. His sisters and I got up and started to walk up the aisle when I heard a loud clattering of a pocketful of change clang on the altar, coming from my son’s treasured change in his pockets. I recall thinking: oh my that was loud, typical Matthew. Matthew can not leave a room without making some kind of noise or scene or drawing attention to himself, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not. I didn’t think about it again until Wednesday, when I had a handful of people tell me how touched they were by Matthew and his altruistic offering. The church staff talked about it at staff meeting, several adult bible studies brought it up in their classes….. once again Matthew showed us all up.

A note of explanation: Matthew has been a miracle and a blessing from conception. He was conceived after 2 miscarriages and an almost devastating vacation in Canada. We bled  for the first 16 weeks and I just knew that we would lose this pregnancy too. But God had other plans, 23 weeks later we delivered a beautiful  baby boy, all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. And healthy as a horse. But he gave birth to a stronger momma and stronger daddy who had a stronger marriage for the trials that we came through.

Matthew is a true gift, a true blessing and I really believe that God has a plan for Matthew, as He does for everyone. But I believe that His plan for Matthew will be a faith journey that will touch all those that know Matthew. The reason I believe that? He has already done that, time and again.

Blessed by 5 and enjoying every moment….

Mary Anne~


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