Weekends with our family

So the other weekend we went to the mountains for 2 days. Now that is something that we couldn’t do in Kansas. So needless to say the views were awe inspiring. We saw soooooo many trees and hills and mountains that it took our breath away. At every turn the children were proclaiming excitement, until eventually even this beauty became common place and they became complacent. But not for long for we stopped at an over look and beheld God’s magnificance.

We had a weekend packed with activities. Besides driving 4 hours there and back. We went to the mountains, went fishing, hiking, splunking and horse back riding. So the first day we went to a state park and Jeff, Matthew and Rebecca went fishing while Heather, Sarah, Mikayla and I went hiking in the state park. Our hike was beautiful and eventful. We were frightened by all the guns going off and not knowing if we were still in the park or even if we ever had been we decided to make lots of “human” noises as we walked. Oh, I forgot to mention, we took the dogs and a brand new, just saved, kitten with us on the trip and on the hike.

While on the hike, about 1 1/2 hours in we realized that we were lost. Somehow we missed our turn. Thank goodness for cell phones, mine has a compass and I pulled up the GPS and tried to find our way back to the car. But as we worked our way through the forest and unmarked trails we found a dog dying by a stream and I tried my best to prevent the girls from seeing him. It was a horrible death for the little guy, he was foaming at the mouth and convulsing and torn up. All I could do was pray that he wasn’t feeling too much pain. We did make our way back eventually with Matthew calling for us and coming to our rescue.

The next day we drove up the mountain and down again to go splunking. Well a tour of a cavern. It was definetly one of the smaller caverns that we have been to but still, they always amaze us all. We met someone from Wilson there who used to live on our street. And better yet, out in the parking lot I met someone who lived in Wichita for a few years…. small world.

On our way to the caverns our brakes started smoking and melting. They were not doing their job very well and as we came down the mountain (a very steep mountain, especially when your brakes are not working). The Lord heard many prayers of safe deliverance from me as we frighteningly made the last few miles to the caverns.

I don’t have any pictures of us horseback riding, as we were all so excited to be there and late (because of the brake issue). We did make it however and had an awesome time trail riding and each of us on our own horse! It was a weekend that we won’t soon forget and one that I hope will build memories for each of the children. Which is what Jeff and I want to create for them. Weekends of family time, love, activities and memories.

And to top it all off, we drove right past a hot air balloon festival on our way home. How beautiful!

Raising my blessings, hoping that you too are blessed every day.

Mary Anne~


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