Growing up…..

ImageGrowing up. I thought I was done with such a thing…. but it has been proven to me that I have some more growing up to do.

Heather is in Kansas, while the rest of us are back home in North Carolina. It is pretty hard not having her here. For many reasons. We have been seperated since the Friday after Thanksgiving…. and we will see her at Christmas in York, Pennsylvania. Now I have known that the day will come, sonner than later, that Heather will leave the nest… and learn to live without her Momma. BUT I didn’t want it to come sooner! I know that it is only for a month…. but I still miss her. And Sarah is heart broken without her. We all miss her and are counting the days. She is a senior, she is growing up and scaring me to death!

I went onto the Barton College campus today (to give blood) and I could see Heather in a place like that. A place to learn and express. An atmosphere of learning and not social status… A good place for Heather. A place to make her stronger, braver, brighter. I pray that one day she will find all that in a place of her choosing. A place not too far away ~ for my sake. But a place that will build her integrity, strengthen her faith, light her path. I guess all of this is something that every parent wants for all of their children.

Heather being the oldest, and hence the child that all things are tried first… will suffer the most… because we don’t know what we are doing. How we will feel, what we will do, how much we will embarass…. etc.

The thing about growing up as a parent… there is no text book. No “birds and the bees” pamphlet, no Dr Spock. And the reason being…. my child is different from your child and I am different than you are. We have raised 5 unique, unusaul, kind, caring, loving, individuals. And I can only pray that we can be good enough parents to know when to let go and let fly.

Peace on earth and love to all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mary Anne~

Momma to 5 blessings


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