Schedules and 5 kids… they don’t mix very well…..

036matthew 2nepeta 3Our youngest, Mikayla, was 7 years old a couple days ago. Incredible! It is so true that time flies when you are having fun. But since her birthday is just a few days after New Years we always have her party the following weekend, So this year we are celebrating on the 12th. So, prep all week and bake the cake and get ready for the party and go into my little OCD mde (which I do not suffer from any time except before parties) on Saturday and we end up having a great party and whether our house is clean really didn’t matter anyway…..but I still freak out about the house and the food and the games and etc.
Here is the hitch….. our two eldest, Heather and Sarah and our 9 year old asked to go to an Anime Convention in Charlotte (3 hours and 30 minutes away) and want me to take them Friday afternoon, return for the birthday party and then go back Sunday to pick them up….. I am just not seeing it….. The twist, I said yes, not linking the two activities to the same weekend until after I made reservations for the hotel and then I was folding laundry and had the epiphany or rather panic that I had messed up and I have to now figure out how to fix it….I have checked bus rates, train rates, carpools, mileage and so forth… and the sane thing is for me to break Heather, Sarah, amd Rebecca’s hearts and be here for Mikayla’s birthday.
So my question is….. we have all these aps for our phones…. have they figured out an ap that clones moms, even for just a few days?
Life is full of disappointments, I just hate that I caused this one…. I got their hopes up and then shot them down…

Mom to 5 awesome, but half are disappointed in me, kiddos.

Mary Anne~


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