Volunteer work with your kids- most rewarding adventure ever

href=”https://blessedx5ks.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/064.jpg”>Girl Scout Ginger Cascades Girl Scout Ginger Cascades[/caption]

Volunteering with my kids, no matter what I do, is so rewarding. I have been Sunday School teacher for my children because no one else would step up (and I am positive that I learned more than the children), I have directed a children’s choir-for the same reason- and LOVED it. I expanded the role of the KIDS (Kids In Devotional Singing) choir by having them do a full musical in the spring so that the kids would learn about spreading God’s love through story and music. We all loved it! I have been a missions director so that the youth and adults in our church could pass the word of God on to others by their service. And I am a Girl Scout leader since the girls were in Kindergarten, now they are in tenth grade and we are working on our Gold award. Now that we have moved, and even though I am still the leader for Sarah’s troop – we have Skype meetings – or are planning to. Trying to get a bunch of teenagers on the same schedule is almost impossible! I offered to lead a Daisy troop here in NC but no one has contacted me. So both Rebecca and Mikayla- who are Brownie and Daisy Girl Scouts are in the same troop, troop 127 (a brownie/junior and now daisy troop). Next year the majority of the Brownies bridge to Juniors and the Juniors to Cadettes and the few that will stay Brownies I will lead, so *cue music “I’m back in the saddle again…..back in the saddle again”.

This is a project that my troop, troop 40027 did in preparation for their Gold Award, we worked on the Girltopia Journey book, the girls needed to come up with a project and an expression, poem, that expressed their ideal world for girls. So they made
“The Head of Imperfection”
A perfect world
Head of all
Bold, Proud, Smart, Sophisticated
Our Utopia


And these are some of the things that our younger troop did last weekend at Girl Scout Camp Ginger Cascades:

Hiking with troop 127
Hiking with troop 127
[caption id="attachment_250" align="alignnone" width="300"]Being "Brave" Being “Brave”
Gem mining
Gem mining

A good time had by all. We hiked, went snow tubing, gem mining, learned archery, cooked, cleaned, made smores at a bon fine and enjoyed great weather in the mountains! It’s great having access to such drastic topographic features! And although this was not MY trip, I am not the leader, I went along and participated as a parent and had a wonderful time getting to know the girls in the troop and the moms!

If you don’t participate in your child’s life, I suggest that you try it out. It is pretty amazing to see them interact with their peers and to see how they act around other adults (are they respectful, helpful, thoughtful). It is an eye opener.
I love being involved in my children’s lives. I try to be the teacher in what ever situation I am in and to teach my children that when I am in that particular position, they need to treat me as such and show me that kind of respect. I have been successful. I know that some are not successful in this aspect. Maybe I am because I have always volunteered in every aspect, preschool, church, school, extra curricular, etc.

Involved mom of 5 blessings
Mary Anne~


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