Teenagers’ paths

Having teenagers means having tall kids with identity issues. My 15 and 17 year olds are looking at life and saying that the world sucks, no friends, boys are horrible people and they prefer the company of girls. What does this mean? to me? to them? to us? I guess for now it means that I don’t need to worry about “boys being boys”. But, if I am honest with myself, I worry. I worry about them not learning “how to date”. How to handle themselves around guys. About them not being “socially acceptable”. And about how I would truly feel about them bringing home a girlfriend to meet the family. It’s wierd, I have always believed that people love who they love. It is something that comes from the heart and soul. I have never had an issue with people being gay. So what is my problem with my own children being gay? I truly don’t know. Does it change my love for them? Definetly NOT!
These thoughts keep going through my mind. What did I do? What did we do as parents or individuals that led them to the direction in which they are headed at the moment? Will they stay on this path? What should I do? Sit back and let what happen, happen? Try to lead them in a different direction? Encourage them? Just love them and show them support, love and self confidence and let their path be their path? Is it wrong? Is it against God? Am I worrying about something that I need not worry about?
I have awesome, loving, kind, caring, thoughtful teenagers. I should be thankful. I should not try to find things to worry about…. So I guess, for now, I will sit back and let “teenagers be teenagers” and know that God only gives me what He already knows I can handle. And believe me, I can handle… whatever is put in my path because I do have God to lean on.

Is there a book aobut parenting? No I mean it! A book for todays parents, a book with bullying, and sexual identity, and cosplaying and moving as teenagers and interracial dating and kids friends or lack there of. I am not a reader of self help books, so in all honesty I wouldn’t read it anyway… but for people that are, wouldn’t it be nice.

Blessed as always
Mary Anne~


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