Birthday crafts and treasures

a href=””>551552I am going to do something a little different. As you know, or may be you don’t, I have 5 children And with alot of children you get invited to alot of birthday parties. Now we are not made out of money, infact pretty far from it, so when the invites come in the children are all excited about going. I have become pretty savvy and creative with the gifts. If we have a girl party to go to we, of course, think about who the birthday girl is and what kind of things she likes. This Saturday we have a 7th Birthday Party to go to…. so we went to the the Dollar Store bought a clear plastic box, some hair bows (head bands, bows, barrettes, kerchiefs) and we personalized the box with the child’s name and things that my daughter knows she likes in colors that she likes. Totalling all of $7.00.

For the boys… well some may call it junk, but my son looks for stuff that is cool and full of BOY, toxic waste, sticky slap hands, play handcuffs and play numchuks.
And when you are lucky we have found an amazing gift at Big Lots and Ollie’s… for $10, we found a toy that is a jar with a lid that has a mechanical butterfly or moth or lightning bug, it looks real and the kids think it’s amazing! Most kids have all they need, as far as toys go and what they think is cool is the stuff that we, as parents, won’t be buying them… the goo and yuck of childhood.

I am, I think, a little more creative than some but not as creative as others. It just takes a little thinking… some ingenuity and consideration for WHO you are getting the gift for. The birthday boy/girl always loves their gifts and that is what the goal is, isn’t it?

Here’s to hoping you may have gotten something out of this…
Mary Anne~


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