He is Risen…

He is risen indeed!
Because that IS what Easter is all about….

But how about the Easter Bunny? easterbunny

Now as I am sure you know, if you have read previous posts, is that I am a Christian and I am raising my children in the faith. With that in mind….The Easter bunny is alive and well in my house. I find the maintaining of the “magic”, both with Easter and Christmas, tiresome. Not that I don’t want to continue, because I do, but because, as they get older, there are more questions being asked, different questions, and I am finding it harder to come up with answers. I am blessed with two older children that believe that they had a wonderfully magical childhood and are willing to continue the magic for their younger siblings.

Santa brings one gift for each child. The Easter bunny hides the eggs that we dye and the plastic eggs that we fill. And Christ was born and he died and he rose from the dead. You can have your cake and eat it too!

I am glad that there are only two “magical” holidays, because if there were more….. you may find me bald-because I pulled all my hair out!pulling-out-hair

Feeling blessed, even through the holidays
Mary Anne~


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