I love sleepovers, always have and probably always will. However for some reason my children have sleepovers but they are never invited to sleepover. I know, and I am not being biased, that my children behave and are kind kids so…. that can’t be why they aren’t invited elsewhere. So I have been wondering why? Well a parent told me that their child has such a fun time at our house with all of our kids that they just want to come here…. I guess that could be a “kudo” but it still would be nice to get rid of the kids for a night….
BeringerWhiteZinGlass just kidding.
Sleepovers at our house are pretty layed back. When our friend(s) arrive they pretty much disappear only to surface to ask if they can do something; play hide and seek, jammie jump on the trampoline, sleep under the stars, watch a movie-whatever can be thought of, my kids have tried it. Last night we had our neighbors over, an 8 year old and her little 4 year old brother. Now as you can probably guess, her little brother went home last night around 1:30, as I figured would happen. And now our friend, let’s call her Anna, is here playing all sorts of things, dress up, pretend, and now a lemonade stand.
I figure that the more they have invested in their play the more fun they are going to have. They have structure 5 days a week at school, now is the time for them to have fun.
My tip to parents… let them have fun… let them choose their own activities, because then they will have fun-even without you.
And remember to pay back the parent and the child that your kid spent the night with and invite their child back to your house for the next sleepover.sleepover-girls-233175

Looking forward to a nap….
Mary Anne~


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