Parenting my parents….

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My parents are wonderful people. They have been married for 60 years (to each other! LOL!). They have their up and downs, don’t we all. Sometimes I wonder why they are still together and then I am granted the privelage and honor of seeing the “why”. They live for each other. And they really do love each other the “romance” has just lost its path. It’s not my job to show them the way but sometimes I wish I could shake one or the both of them and let them see what I see.

holding hands is a sign of great affection
holding hands is a sign of great affection
<But I am not the parent, I am the child, and I sometimes find myself in the role of the parent. Giving advice, giving directions, helping with decisions. Do I mind? Absolutely not! I love my parents and I would do absolutely anything for them.
My parent's are selling their house and moving back home (unfortunately not where I am), and my dad called me the other day and asked how he can create a new email account now that they will no longer have the same internet carrier at the new place. I know that he didn't grow up with the internet but I had to smile over the phone and let him know that it is so very easy you just….. then I had to walk him through it. *I am totally not complaining, just saying…..
It is interesting, being in this position. I am the youngest of 6 children and my parents are 81 and 84 years old. My parents are probably older than most of my friends parents and hence I really don't have a large pool of people that are experiencing the same things (other than my own siblings).
I used to hate when they argued, sometimes it feels like that is all they do. But in the end, this cartoon depicts what it really is like. Atleast it shows me that they still have some vim and vinegar in their spirits. I know that I don’t have a whole lot of time left with my parents here on earth so I think that what I will do is adjust to my new, untitled, role in their lives and go with it. Jump on the roller coaster of life and enjoy the ride!

To all of us that are experiencing parenting… both for our children and our parents, I lift up a prayer of patience and grace.
Mary Anne~


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