Studying with 5


Blah! Studying! Admit it we all hate it. It is NOT my favorite time of the day and it is not my children’s either! I hate the fact that a) They have homework
b) That I am the bad guy for reminding them that they have homework
c) That they look at me like the bad guy for reminding them- I didn’t assign it! (Well most of the time I am not the one, unless I subbed in their classroom that day).
d) That I have yet to figure out a good time for this HORRENDOUS task to take place. I have moved it all around: Directly after school while eating a snack – that is what we are doing at the moment. At 4:00, after having a short and much needed break – that didn’t work because they were already weaned from the school atmosphere. AFter dinner, that gave them time to unwind from school, snack and play – good idea right? THAT didn’t work for us either, the kids were too tired to do their school work and sometimes would fall asleep on their homework and not remember working on it the following morning.

So what and when is the best time and place to do homework? All I can say is that for my children it seems to be directly after school. While the school atmosphere is still fresh in thier little brains and the lesson is still fresh too. Where do we do our homework? Well for us it is on the kitchen table. That way I can be available to them all. All in one place, all at one time. My school children are Senior, Sophomore, 5th grader, 3rd grader, and 1st grader. So my brain is a bit like a split personality. And sometimes a bit schizo, to tell the truth. Sometimes tempers run high and agitation runs rampant. Sometimes it all runs smoothly  and I praise the Lord for his blessings. (Well I do that everyday anyway, but I am doubly happy on those days).

homework Studying is, unfortunately, a fact of life.  One that we all have to face at one point or another. If you are not there yet, talk to other parents and see what they do for homework time. OR try what we have tried and see if one of them works for you. And if you think that you have YEARS before you will have homework… you have something else coming to you. My first grader has a math sheet to do every night and reading every night. Sometimes she has more homework than her siblings. It all depends on the teacher. So don’t waste time becoming prepared for your homework time. And…. take it from someone with experience; the best way to enter the homework time is with a light heart. I try to come bearing food and some laughs!Fun-Snacks-for-Kids-Butterfly-Snack

Happy with my 5 blessings BUT not their homework….. BLAH!

Mary Anne~


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