Blank…what to do, what to do

093Sometimes I feel like my brain is blank. That there is not a thought in there worth writing about. But ofcourse there is, there always is. My brain is always going. And so are my kids. This weekend was no exception. From the moment I returned from work we were going until bedtime Sunday niight. This weekend we had a Girl Scout Sup and Sing and badge workshop. We started Friday night and we were supposed to camp out but had tornado warnings so we stayed until 9:00 and went home and slept in our comfy beds. Then we returned bright and early Saturday morning and went to work with breakfast and badge work. The girls had a blast and the adults enjoyed teaching and leading.

091Could I have stayed home this weekend? Yes, I could have. But would I have? No. My kids deserve every opportunity that I had. Wonderful experiences, a variety of experiences, memory making experiences. We don’t always go somewhere but we almost always DO something.

058We go to the Zoo. We play with friends. We go for walks. We almost always enjoy church Sunday mornings. We enjoy each others company and sometimes need to get away from each other. What do you do then? Go to the park and let them run free! And if it is raining? Watch a movie, give them a break from each other by sending them to opposite corners… And if that doesn’t work think of a craft to do or a game to play.


One of my younger kids favorites is the number finder game. I made index cards with a written number on it and the other the numeric number. We tape the index cards up all over the house and the kids find mates to the cards. Do they know that they are learning while they are playing, probably not but that is A okay with me. If more than one is playing I divide the numbers up, i.e. the youngest gets 1-10 and so forth. As they got older the expanse is increased. You’d be surprised at what you can do to keep your little monkeys entertained. Reading books is always a good idea!

booksThe only thing that is unexceptable in our house is, “I’m bored” becaue you should be able to entertain yourself and if you have entertained yourself to boredom than it is time to play with the siblings again.

May be one day I will write a post about all the games we play. All the games that we have made up. But for today this is all I will write. Now have a great week and make plans to spend time with your kids/family next weekend.

Loving being blessed.

Mary Anne~

Isaiah 54:13  All your  children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your  children.


4 thoughts on “Blank…what to do, what to do

  1. I think it is great that you enjoy spending time with you kids.

    I wish i wanted to go out and do things with my wife. Don’t get me wrong She is my whole world. My problem is that I just never ever want to leave the house. We are going out tomorrow (my idea). I have no idea where we are going or what we are going to do. I think i’M SCREWED.

    1. Is money an issue? If so go for a walk in a garden. Does your town/city have a city garden or botanical garden? Time is what we appreciate. Not the $$ that is spent. A picnic is always great too.

      1. No no no. I just can’t the idea of not being at my house. I am completely aware how ridiculous that is yet, no matter where i go except work and rock concerts.

        I am not afraid to go out of the house, it’s just that the idea of it is just unsettling.

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