Educational choices…

Party of 5

Being a parent of 5 children has made it so I have experienced all grades from K-12, at this moment in time. I have been disgusted, thrilled, disappointed, excited, angered, and any and every kind of emotion you can think of with the public school system.

My eldest has some medical issues and the public school system that we were attending was not willing to work with us, even with a doctors note of explanation. So, we pulled her out, out of necessity, and home schooled her through an online school. I don’t know if this was the right thing to do. I do know that I felt like it was the only thing left for us to do because of her absences and tardies. I was disgusted that they couldn’t work with us with scheduling and school work. I was disappointed in a school that I had heard was so wonderful. And I was angered that they couldn’t work around their starched collar thinking.

I have been thrilled with immediate response to concerns that I had when my son was in first grade and falling behind because he needed help with speech and with his reading. Albeit I had to initiate first contact, his first grade teacher told me that she couldn’t suggest it until almost the end of the year, that was frustrating. Which would mean that we would have lost another 6 months. In the beginning of 1st grade he was at a lower than Kindergarten reading level. By the end of 2nd grade he was at a 7th grade reading level. By the end of 3rd grade he no longer needed to go to the resource room for assistance and he didn’t need his IEP anymore. At the end of 4th grade he had the highest state assessments of all the other 4th graders, all Exemplary.

Now my son is heading to 6th grade next year and the Middle School here is not a place where my son will flourish. So I found, or rather a friend of mine found, a Charter school that seems like a perfect fit for the kind of learner that my son is. I chose to be proactive and although it is a trek, 35 minute drive, I believe that this is the right choice for us. It is a Prep school and requires a uniform and offers languages at the 6th grade level and is geared towards the children’s education not the state’s bottom line with testing. The EOG’s are given the last few days of school and educating is all school year, they don’t do testing and spend the last 2-3 weeks hanging out and doing fun days, or field days or whatever.  We went to the new school today to have his entrance interview, choose his classes, meet some teachers. Now his younger sisters want to go too, they will be going into 4th and 2nd. I was wearing blinders when I applied for my son, thinking only of the school that I didn’t want him to go to.(But I really like the elementary school that they go to now and figured I would leave them there). But in reality, it would make more sense if they all went to the same school, wouldn’t it?

If you read my previous post May I Have Your Attention Please, you would know that my 9-year-old going to another school would be the best and most proactive thing that I could do for her. Why didn’t I see that? I guess because Matthew was leaving the school and I HAD to find a better place for him. Rebecca was not leaving the school and, for some reason, did not register that she too would benefit from moving to a safer place for her. She and my younger daughter have friends there… we just moved them from Kansas to North Carolina and I didn’t want to put them through yet ANOTHER move. But they asked for the move. And they are excited about it. Only problem…. they are both on waiting lists.

When waiting, the list seems REALLY long!
When waiting, the list seems REALLY long!

Blessings on you and your educational experiences.

Mary Anne~


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