Autism… a look into a child’s mind(part II to May I have your attention please)


I do not have a child with autism. I only have one friend who has a son with autism, and I just met her. I know that alot of families deal with this issue but until this year we had never had any reason to look into autism and all of its differences. I am not giving my daughter’s bully, “A” (see earlier blog, May I Have Your Attention Please), a viable excuse to do what he has done, because he can be taught.

This video is done by a young lady who has autism herself and has talked with others with varying levels of functioning autism.  Take a moment. It opened my eyes to what “A” might be thinking/feeling. I pray that “A” receives the help that he needs. He has a high functioning autism, he could be one of the better statistics. A good job, a nice family, a promising future. That is what I want for him.

But even more, I want my daughter to be able to watch this video and feel empathy for “A”. I pray that she is capable of understanding and growing past this year of turmoil. I know my daughter, she has the capacity to forgive. And she is more than capable of becoming a better person for her experience. But we will all need to work hard to make it an smooth transition.

I thank all of you who read and responded with your advice and support. Bullying has become an epidemic and with all the possiblities of contact that some children have, computer, cell phones, ipads, etc it doesn’t just stop at school for some. But it does have to stop… and we need to get the information out so that more people are aware of what bullying can look like, because it comes in all forms…


Mary Anne~


One thought on “Autism… a look into a child’s mind(part II to May I have your attention please)

  1. Dearest Mary Anne;
    I had a very dear friend who has since passed away, but she had a grandson with the same type of autism as the young girl in the clip. Unfortunately, at the time we were living in a small mining community about 80 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona and even though Phoenix was only a 90 minute drive, this young boy had no help whatsoever. What made it sad is that the elementary schools in Globe, treated him like he was a disruption, a “problem child!”
    His grandmother and my wife and I tried to help his father all we could, but he had his own “demons” he was dealing with. My wife Susie and I prayed and cried with this child’s grandmother so much, because we could see that society had let him “fall through the cracks” so to speak.
    We have found that this is a very serious situation all over the US and what makes it so sad, is that this young boy was so exceptionally bright and yet very few got to see it for the way they only looked at what they termed was “disruptive behavior.”
    I am so glad you undertook to share this as more people need to realize there is an untapped source of greatness out there, but these children need understanding and training, something which most academic institutions today are unwilling to provide.
    I have been praying literally for years for this now, teenager and others like him. God bless you so much for sharing this important issue!!

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