Waiting on pins and needles… and living with it

NCPWe applied for our three youngest to go to a Charter school, as some of you know. and now we are waiting on pins and needles…. Our 9 year old, who desperately wants and needs to get in to this school for a successful educational experience is anxious. She checks the mail every day and asks 2 or 3 times a day if I know if she made it in or if she got a letter in the mail.

Our son, now a 6th grader has made it in but our 4th and 2nd grader are on waiting lists. Granted they are both #1 on their prospective waiting lists and they have both moved up the list in 2 months. So much so that I am cautious to get too excited about them being #1 on the wait list. And at the same time cautious to NOT be prepared for them to go. They have to have uniforms… and they are not cheap and you have to order them. And of course it is cheaper to order them all at once instead of our son’s alone. So what do we do?  Well I guess we will be prepared.

For those of you worried about our daughter from her 3rd grade experience, “May I have your attention please” post, she has proven resilient, as I knew she was. She “knows” that she will make it in so that is how we are playing it. She doesn’t like what happened to her last year. She doesn’t want to “deal” with him again. AND she doesn’t want anyone else to have to “deal” with him either. But now that she is more than likely out of the situation, what is my responsibility? Do I go to the superintendent? Do I take our list of infractions to someone outside of the school and to administration? Or do I sigh with relief  and move on?

For now I am praying. Praying for guidance. Praying for patience. Praying for wisdom.

Blessed and thankful

Mary Anne~


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