Wow! July 4th is here! How did that happen?

Fourth of July picnic
Fourth of July picnic

Wow! As a stay at home mom I look forward to summer and spending time with my children and doing neat things. But every summer I look at the time that I have and I think, what am I going to do with all those days? 1,2,3…..lots of days, oh boy, lots of days ahead. But now, I am scratching my head and wondering how it is that July 4th is just a day away? How in heaven’s name did that happen? That is just crazy!


Now here we are with just 1 month left of vacation before my son enters 6th grade, 1 1/2 months for my oldest to enter her freshman year of college and 2 months for my 10th grader, 4th grader and 2nd grader. Where did our summer go? I guess we need to squeeze more into our days and weeks. More than what I was thinking. So parks and hikes here we come.

And school shopping here we come! I don’t know about your kids but mine, especially the younger ones LOVE to shop for school supplies. Folders, pencils, markers, back packs, etc.

Beautiful, huh?
Beautiful, huh?

And truth be told, so do I.

It means I go back to work and get the paycheck that we so desperately need. (The summer jobs that used to be out there are not anymore, *sigh, sadness.)

So sad....
So sad….

I love substitute teaching and I am looking forward to new classes, different schools, the children. It is so neat to walk into the library and have someone say hey there’s Mrs. O. And the younger ones pointing me out to their parents. But what is a little frustrating to me is that I don’t remember all of their names. I can tell you which school and which grade and may be which teacher…. but there are only a few that I could tell you their name. So I say, “hey sweety”, it works.

So for this moment I will savor my time with my own children and help them have a great summer.

What are you doing with your children this summer?

blessed with my blessings



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