Taking care of the summer blahs


We are going to make a kaleidoscope! And we are going to have fun!!! Just kidding. Not about making the kaleidoscope. We are going to look around the house and get some fun, colorful things for our kaleidoscope. Beads, sequins, paper clips, colored tissue cut into small pieces,  it’s best if they are reflective and/or see through. We need:

  • paper towel tubes and then cut them down to 8″ long.
  • Black construction paper, cut to the size of the end of the PT tube, with a small eye hole cut out or punched out
  • Saran wrap and wax paper cut to 4×4
  • Clear heavy duty plastic sheet 8″, same as the PT tube, marked and then folded at 1 1/4″ marks long wise there will be 3 folds with about a 1/4″ left over to fold over and tape closed the triangular tube
  • clear tape
  • rubber band
  • and things to decorate the tube, wrapping paper, stickers, crayons, markers
  • scissors and/or utility knife, ruler and hole punch
Kaleidoscope supplies
Finished project
And this is what you will see through your homemade Kaleidoscope

So cut the tube to 8″ long. Get your heavy clear plastic sheet, mark it with a write and wipe every 1 1/4″, you will have a 1/4″ left over. Fold along the marks- it will make a triangular tube. The last fold will seal the deal, tape it closed with the clear tape. Place the clear tube inside of your PT tube. Tape the construction paper on one end of the tube. On the other end place the saran wrap push it into the tube about 1 1/2″ down, place the beads, sequins, tissue paper, what ever you found into the indentation. Place the wax paper over the end and use a rubber band to hold it down on the tube-trim the excess to make it look neat. Decorate the outside of your kaleidoscope! Look through your kaleidoscope at a light source. Enjoy!

The bonus…. most of the supplies are already in your home! Have fun!





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