Spring has sprung: what “normal” families do on Spring Break

This week has dawned: Spring Break. The weather is just gorgeous and we have no money, we are moving to a different house in two weeks and not all my children have Spring Break at the same time. So what do I do with the three that do? Well, yesterday we slept in…..oh what a joy, what a luxury, what a blessing- we were all up by 7:30, well all but the dog. He was the only sane one of the lot.

Ahhhhh, life as a dog.
Ahhhhh, life as a dog.

Today we have two of our favorite kids, old neighbors, coming to play all day and all night and all day. We would keep them forever if their mom would let us – but alas she won’t, so we have to make the best of the time that we get them. These horrible people thought nothing of us as they packed their belongings and moved out to the country to live the ideal life that they were looking for. And for that…… we have play days! Change is good, change helps us grow, change can also show us what is important to us. Today our three and our visiting two will have free time. Time to run and make up games and pretend. When these five get together they don’t sit and play the Xbox, they don’t watch movies or tv, no sir. They play! The way that I used to play. They lose track of time and get dirty and laugh and sometimes scrape a knee or elbow. And guess what? The world does not come crashing down. I love when they are together. And while they are playing I will go through boxes in storage and repack what we are keeping and dispense of all that we don’t need….. because in less than two weeks we are moving to a smaller house with less storage than we have here. And if I can help it I would prefer NOT to have to rent a storage unit. And at some point today, because it is beautiful and sunny and the birds are chirping we will take a walk down to the park with the dogs and play in the creek and swing on the swings and go around and around on the merry-go-round.It will be an awesome day! Because we have friends that we like to hang with.

Time for some fun, Spring Break
Time for some fun, Spring Break

Tomorrow will be much the same. And for that I am thankful.

Thursday and Friday will sneak up on us and we will all wonder where our Spring Break went. But we will have fond memories of time spent relaxing and playing. Will we remember it forever? I highly doubt it. Will it be a memory like one that may have been created by going to Disney World? Probably not. But that is okay. Because like most of the people I know, spending a ton of money is not really an option but creating childhood memories of the childhood kind are.

So today we are playing. And tomorrow we will remember their childhood fondly. It won’t be full of fancy trips and expensive toys and designer clothes – not that that is bad, mind you- but it will be full of laughter and love and may be a scar or two with a story behind it, that is the childhood that I want my children to have. And I feel blessed to be able to give that to them in this moment.

If you are looking for activities for your kids to do because you like to schedule or the weather doesn’t realize that it is “Spring” break….



Good luck and God bless, I hope that you enjoy your Spring Break as much as we hope to.

Blessed momma,

Mary Anne~




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