A camping we will go…With Girl Scouts

091CAMPING! We went camping this past weekend! Well, I did with our two youngest girls. Rebecca is a Junior Girl Scout and Miklayla is a Brownie, I am a leader and have been for twelve years now. I love Girl Scouts. I love the girls and the fun that we have. I haven’t always loved the Councils that I have worked with, but I understand some of their decisions and choices. But this isn’t a political blog so enough of that.

We went camping this weekend! And we had “s’more fun” than we should have been able to handle. Hiking, canoeing, archery, rock climbing, crafts, camp fires and s’mores. Ahhhhh the art of toasting marshmallows on a stick and rushing it between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate is definitely a learned skill. They are best when you make them yourself – and I don’t care for marshmallows. And they are even better when you make them with Girl Scout “Thanks Alot” cookies, yummy! We  planned on doing all of this in two nights and one day. We arrived at camp at 6:30 Friday night and left Sunday morning at 10:30.  But as Girl Scouts we know how to have as much fun as we can in a small amount of time. We were 160 Scouts strong this weekend and had been anxiously awaiting our Girl Scout Camporee and we were not disappointed. We were welcomed, as all campers should be at least once in their lives, with a deluge of rain. The sky opened its heavens and dumped buckets or rather bath tubs of water on us just as we arrived at the Girl Scout camp ground. After getting drenched while moving our belongings into our different cabins we went to the main activities hall and had walking tacos while we met Girl Scouts from 3 different counties. We had Daisies, K-1, Brownies, 2-3, Juniors, 4-5, Cadettes, 6-8, Seniors, 9-10, and Ambassadors, 11-12. They were all represented and they were all excited! Some time during dinner the rain subsided and all the troops were released to explore the grounds and get their bunks ready for sleep. Camp Mary Atkinson was an awesome place to spend our short but fun weekend.camp logo And amongst the activities we made bracelets and tye-dyes, bird houses and swaps. And we earned badges; Hiker, Camper, Nite Owl and Program Aide. You should have been there, well may be next year.

I love being a Girl Scout leader. I love the extra time that I have gotten with my girls. I love watching them learn and explore and make new friends. As the old Girl Scout song says: Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. ….. Ahhhhh, the memories  that we are creating together. Here is one way that I know, without a doubt, that I am having an absolutely positive impact on not only my own girls but the girls in my troops.

These are the highlights of Girl Scouts, you should join if you are not already a member:  https://www.girlscouts.org

And read up on the history of Girl Scouts here: https://www.girlscouts.org/who_we_are/history/

Standing amongst the tye dyes
Standing amongst the tye dyes
Singing around the campfire and munching on s'mores
Singing around the campfire and munching on s’mores
Some of the camp experience at Camp Mary Atkinson
Some of the camp experience at Camp Mary Atkinson




Blessing until next time.

Mom to 4 Girl Scouts

Mary Anne~



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