Guess what….. I LIKE my children

Goofballs, but hey they are MY goofballs
Goofballs, but hey they are MY goofballs

I was in the store the other day and heard a mom talking to her children, there were three of them, and she wasn’t being very nice. Now I am not condemning her, there are many things that could have happened prior to me coming upon them, but all I could think is that – at that moment, this mom didn’t like her children. Now I too have my moments where I don’t feel good and don’t like much of anything or anyone. But I pray that I never talk to my children in a manner that makes them or anyone else think that I don’t like my kids.

My three youngest spent two weeks away from us with their grandparents. They had a great time getting to know each other (the grandparents and kids) and doing fun stuff together, like hiking and swimming and hanging out together, they even went to Disney World. But while they were gone I totally missed them. I thought about them and missed their company, I missed their wit, creativity and their music (even that from which the ice freezes, Disney’s Frozen). I had tome to think about them, individually. And I found that I like my children. They are good company. They are kind, thoughtful and fun. They each have their quirks that can be bothersome, but don’t we all?

Matthew is 12 and still, thankfully, likes to be with me. He still accepts hugs and kisses from me and even doles them out. The puberty bug has not bitten so he is still a child. He is smart as a whip and full of lots of information about lots of different things that he likes to share. And he loves his sisters.

Rebecca is 10 and unfortunately has been bitten. She is a little lost and confused because of it and of course is ahead of her friends, so doesn’t quite know if she should accept it or not. But here she is my little lost and confused beauty. She is curious and creative and loving. And best of all she accepts everyone for the wonderful person that they are as individuals – I hope that she keeps that ability.

Mikayla is 8 and beautiful all over the place. She has a way of making everything all better. She has a …… vibe or an aura that makes one comfortable. She is fun, that is what she is.

Heather is already quickly on her way to being an amazing adult. She is all about family and trying to find out what it is that the future is calling her to do. Sarah is on the fast track to adulthood at 17 and becoming just as amazing as her sister with her Senior year upon her and the future calling.

I like spending time with my children and I really look forward to watching them grow and mature into the wonderful and amazing people that I know they will turn out to be. People, adults that I know that I will want to spend time with – I just hope that they will WANT to spend time with me.

I never thought that I would be able to look into the future and see my children as adults. When they were babies I could only imagine them as babies. When they were children I could only see them as children. But now that I have two of our five on the cusp of adulthood I can see all of them as adults. And, not to brag or anything but I think we did a pretty good job.

And guess what?! I like our children. And that is on top of loving them.

Having fun hanging with the siblings
Having fun hanging with the siblings


Mary Anne, mom of 5 awesome people


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