Rain, rain….

rain-on-a-sunny-day I love the rain. Rain in the day is my favorite. The kind of rain that falls softly, and pitter patters on the concrete. Soft rain that makes the day gray but lovely because it is spring and all glistens greens.

One of my favorite rain days is September 02, eleven and half years ago. It was raining and sunny baby girlall at the same time. I was 40 weeks pregnant and watching my three children play in the rain. Jump through the puddles, laugh and giggle and scream with joy. It was one of those rare moments where I was able to just sit back and watch. I put aside my chores, dinner was late, laundry was forgotten and I sat in the rain listening to the patter of the rain on my umbrella and the unbridled joy of my babies, 8, 6 and 3. The next day I gave birth to our third daughter, lovely, soft and emanating the fragrance of God’s pure knowledge.

Today, I have a rare day off and it is raining. And I am enjoying the mesmerizing sounds of the raindrops and a moment to write my thoughts. I could have gone back to bed after taking the children to school, but I wanted to listen to the rain, smell the clean air. Now the rain has stopped, the sun has come out of hiding and the birds are singing happily.

cup half fullRain can be what you make it. It can water the earth, purge the day of dirt. Or you can be a cup half empty kinda’ guy and allow it to depress you, bring you down. I choose to be a cup half full kinda’ gal and look at life as a gift. A gift given to us with the full expectation that we take advantage of our moments to give thanks. To see each and every moment as something special and given to us with planned abandon. My advice, for what it is worth, is: take a moment, pause and give thanks. Prayer is my friend, my secret lover, my stolen moments. I pray thanks for little moments and ask for answers to questions and recognize the gifts given freely. And I pray that you do too.


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