Moving…. again

travel     I have always wanted to see the country. To travel and meet lots of people. To start a little fresh, see if I can make friends wherever I go…. To see what the similarities and differences are…. But not by moving there, again.

Pennsylvania countryside

I grew up in Pennsylvania, in the same house from the moment I came home from the hospital to the moment I married. (Well I went to school in VA and worked in NY one summer, but overall, Pennsylvania was home.)


Virginia countryside

When I got married we lived in Virginia, for 12 years. I met life long friends and got to know his family. Virginia is much like Pennsylvania, as far as landscaping. The people were different. In the end nicer than the people who I grew up with, or may be not…. I was a child, experiencing life through a child’s eye. I have childhood friends from York that are forever friends.

Kansas weather or not

Then he was offered a job in Wichita, Kansas. Kansas? Really!? tornados and flat land and pure nothingness?? That is what people said and that is what I thought. Terrifying and lonely and ugly, boy was I wrong! Kansas was amazing. I made incredible friends, a wonderful church, put my children in great schools, where they made wonderful friends, immersed myself in raising my five children, leading Girl Scouts, Sunday School, and children’s choir and managing a great house. Kansas was an adjustment, the wind, the space, the wind, the lack of trees and the lack of hills.  But the sunsets can’t be beat anywhere! Kansas is not what everyone thinks it is. You have to live there to appreciate its beauty and temperament.  To see its beauty you have to live its beauty. There is no place like it, that I have found.

Kansas countryside


10 1/2 years later, we were on the road again. New job, new place, new people, new schools. North Carolina called and we answered. A dramatic cultural shock. An incredible geographic shock. It was claustrophobic.  All those trees and roads that wound around all over the place. It’s funny, that is what I grew up with for the first 37 years of my life. So that was a bonus, I think if I hadn’t already lived in an area like it I would have hated being in North Carolina. We met more friends and had a wonderful Girl Scouting experience with an awesome Girl Scout group. Introduced our children to a different culture and a different geography. We lived for 2 1/2 years 45 minutes from the ocean and an hour from the mountains. The children experienced nature’s full colors in the fall. Warmish winters, that was weird. An incredible amount of blooms and blossoms on trees, dangling from cliffs and coming up from the earth in the spring and summers heat and humidity. And the ocean. But our favorite was the mountains. The fresh water springs that trickled down the mountain sides, the innumerable trees, the rolling countryside. North Carolina was beautiful and memorable.IMG_0457     And off we went, again, back home to Kansas to gather ourselves until we found our path hijacked to Iowa. And now, here we are, more than a decade later thinking the same thing. Iowa!? What is in Iowa? Well we found a beautiful little town with nice people and good schools. I think that we will be happy in our new home, new town, new schools and new friends. I never moved as a kid, I hope that my children benefit from our moves, are more capable of making friends than I am, have a broader understanding of the world. And are good people.

Our portion of Iowa looks like a little bit of every place we have lived up to now. Hilly, flat, farm lands, bodies of water, nice people. May be this is the best of all our “worlds”.  Only time will tell. Well time and…….me. So stay tuned, more will come at a later blog.

Iowa countryside
Iowa countryside

And may be someone can help me out of all of these boxes!

H   E    L     P ! ! ! !

I'm here! In here! Help me! No over here!
I’m here! In here! Help me! No over here!






Moving mom of 5 incredibly durable and resilient blessings.

Mary Anne~




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