A camping we will go…With Girl Scouts

CAMPING! We went camping this past weekend! Well, I did with our two youngest girls. Rebecca is a Junior Girl Scout and Miklayla is a Brownie, I am a leader and have been for twelve years now. I love Girl Scouts. I love the girls and the fun that we have. I haven’t always loved the Councils that I have worked with, but I understand some of their decisions and choices. But this isn’t a political blog so enough of that. We went camping this weekend! And we had “s’more fun” than we should have been able to handle. Hiking, … Continue reading A camping we will go…With Girl Scouts

Spring has sprung: what “normal” families do on Spring Break

This week has dawned: Spring Break. The weather is just gorgeous and we have no money, we are moving to a different house in two weeks and not all my children have Spring Break at the same time. So what do I do with the three that do? Well, yesterday we slept in…..oh what a joy, what a luxury, what a blessing- we were all up by 7:30, well all but the dog. He was the only sane one of the lot. Today we have two of our favorite kids, old neighbors, coming to play all day and all night and … Continue reading Spring has sprung: what “normal” families do on Spring Break

Taking care of the summer blahs

We are going to make a kaleidoscope! And we are going to have fun!!! Just kidding. Not about making the kaleidoscope. We are going to look around the house and get some fun, colorful things for our kaleidoscope. Beads, sequins, paper clips, colored tissue cut into small pieces,  it’s best if they are reflective and/or see through. We need: paper towel tubes and then cut them down to 8″ long. Black construction paper, cut to the size of the end of the PT tube, with a small eye hole cut out or punched out Saran wrap and wax paper cut to 4×4 Clear heavy duty plastic … Continue reading Taking care of the summer blahs