Rain, rain….

 I love the rain. Rain in the day is my favorite. The kind of rain that falls softly, and pitter patters on the concrete. Soft rain that makes the day gray but lovely because it is spring and all glistens greens. One of my favorite rain days is September 02, eleven and half years ago. It was raining and sunny all at the same time. I was 40 weeks pregnant and watching my three children play in the rain. Jump through the puddles, laugh and giggle and scream with joy. It was one of those rare moments where I was … Continue reading Rain, rain….

“What to Expect when You are Expecting…”

What to expect when you are expecting a baby. Why the “professionals” think they can tell us this I do not know. I watched a movie with this title the other day and was glad to see that they covered the majority of the non glory, heart-break and joy, but not all. Not that I know all that can and does happen during different pregnancies. But I have a little more experience than some, having had 10 pregnancies, 5 children. We have been married for 22 years this June and within our years of marriage we have had our fair … Continue reading “What to Expect when You are Expecting…”

One Lovely Blog Award

I want to thank Pastor Roland Ledoux for nominating me for my very first award! He has complimented me on my blogging and on my Christian outreach and I can only pray that I can be the person that he perceives me to be. I find his blog an inspiration and advise everyone to stop by and enjoy his “word” and humor. Cronus-glampora.tumblr.com Here are the rules for accepting the award: Thank the blogger who nominated you Link the post to their page State seven random facts about yourself Nominate those you feel are deserving of the award (no specific number) and let them know they are … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

Coincidence? I am thinking, not.

I was reading a blog the other day…The River Walk… posted April 10. It struck a chord that had been being played while reading a Christian fiction book The King by Linda Rios Brook. I had started reading The King and was enjoying the read, much mention of Noah, Moses and Joshua leading God’s people and being God’s kind of people. i.e. Not perfect, full of flaws and an unperfect past. It is always nice to be  reminded that God is not looking for perfect, He is looking for faithfulness, joy in belief, love of the trinity. Now I am … Continue reading Coincidence? I am thinking, not.

Parenting my parents….

gt;a href=”https://blessedx5ks.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/older-couple.jpg”&gt; My parents are wonderful people. They have been married for 60 years (to each other! LOL!). They have their up and downs, don’t we all. Sometimes I wonder why they are still together and then I am granted the privelage and honor of seeing the “why”. They live for each other. And they really do love each other the “romance” has just lost its path. It’s not my job to show them the way but sometimes I wish I could shake one or the both of them and let them see what I see. <But I am not the parent, I am the child, … Continue reading Parenting my parents….

A moment for me…

I am a mom, wife, teacher and sister in Christ first and foremost. Sometimes I feel like I am losing myself. Years ago, as a new mom, I did feel lost. I felt like I was no one but a mom and wife. Then I found that if I take a few moments for myself, I can be a better person, a better mom and wife. So here is what I have found in my almost 18 years of being a mom (stay at home mom) [Now I haven’t worked full-time since becoming a mom so I can only speak … Continue reading A moment for me…