Countdown…. the last 9 weeks…..

Remember the song…..”School’s out for the summer….”? The joy we all felt as kids with the endless summer days stretching ahead of us? The days at the pool, or walking around the neighborhood with a friend. Walking down to the store for a soda pop and candy bar….walking past the cute boys house or girl, a few times too many. All of this done during the long, hot and hazy days of summer, and all before dinner – and all outside. I can’t recall ever spending time inside on those summer days- even if it rained- who cared if you … Continue reading Countdown…. the last 9 weeks…..

A camping we will go…With Girl Scouts

CAMPING! We went camping this past weekend! Well, I did with our two youngest girls. Rebecca is a Junior Girl Scout and Miklayla is a Brownie, I am a leader and have been for twelve years now. I love Girl Scouts. I love the girls and the fun that we have. I haven’t always loved the Councils that I have worked with, but I understand some of their decisions and choices. But this isn’t a political blog so enough of that. We went camping this weekend! And we had “s’more fun” than we should have been able to handle. Hiking, … Continue reading A camping we will go…With Girl Scouts

Spring has sprung: what “normal” families do on Spring Break

This week has dawned: Spring Break. The weather is just gorgeous and we have no money, we are moving to a different house in two weeks and not all my children have Spring Break at the same time. So what do I do with the three that do? Well, yesterday we slept in…..oh what a joy, what a luxury, what a blessing- we were all up by 7:30, well all but the dog. He was the only sane one of the lot. Today we have two of our favorite kids, old neighbors, coming to play all day and all night and … Continue reading Spring has sprung: what “normal” families do on Spring Break

Those blasted years….between 13-19. The Teenage years.

Teenagers. To some of us the very word brings hefty sighs, queasy stomachs, wild memories and to a few of you, fond thoughts of either your teenage years or your child’s teenage years (very few, I am sure). They should come with owner manuals for each one. We have five children and one is on her way out of these years, one is firmly ensconced in it and one is on the way in. Our eldest daughter is now 19. Her “teen” years were actually rather smooth. We had our moody moments, rolling of eyes, snootiness and talking back but … Continue reading Those blasted years….between 13-19. The Teenage years.

The Lingering Effects of Being Bullied

“I was bullied!” It breaks my heart and takes my breath away when I hear my daughter Rebecca tell people this. “I hate the name _______(bully’s name). Because it scares me.” I posted last year about all the troubles we were having with my daughter and her “bully” and I received a bunch of responses. The good, the bad and the ugly. We did all sorts of interventions: with her teacher, the school counselor, the Special Ed teacher, the Vice Principal, the Principal and then finally with the Superintendent of Elementary Schools. All to no good outcome. We were frustrated, to … Continue reading The Lingering Effects of Being Bullied