Rain, rain….

 I love the rain. Rain in the day is my favorite. The kind of rain that falls softly, and pitter patters on the concrete. Soft rain that makes the day gray but lovely because it is spring and all glistens greens. One of my favorite rain days is September 02, eleven and half years ago. It was raining and sunny all at the same time. I was 40 weeks pregnant and watching my three children play in the rain. Jump through the puddles, laugh and giggle and scream with joy. It was one of those rare moments where I was … Continue reading Rain, rain….

Countdown…. the last 9 weeks…..

Remember the song…..”School’s out for the summer….”? The joy we all felt as kids with the endless summer days stretching ahead of us? The days at the pool, or walking around the neighborhood with a friend. Walking down to the store for a soda pop and candy bar….walking past the cute boys house or girl, a few times too many. All of this done during the long, hot and hazy days of summer, and all before dinner – and all outside. I can’t recall ever spending time inside on those summer days- even if it rained- who cared if you … Continue reading Countdown…. the last 9 weeks…..

Guess what….. I LIKE my children

I was in the store the other day and heard a mom talking to her children, there were three of them, and she wasn’t being very nice. Now I am not condemning her, there are many things that could have happened prior to me coming upon them, but all I could think is that – at that moment, this mom didn’t like her children. Now I too have my moments where I don’t feel good and don’t like much of anything or anyone. But I pray that I never talk to my children in a manner that makes them or … Continue reading Guess what….. I LIKE my children

A camping we will go…With Girl Scouts

CAMPING! We went camping this past weekend! Well, I did with our two youngest girls. Rebecca is a Junior Girl Scout and Miklayla is a Brownie, I am a leader and have been for twelve years now. I love Girl Scouts. I love the girls and the fun that we have. I haven’t always loved the Councils that I have worked with, but I understand some of their decisions and choices. But this isn’t a political blog so enough of that. We went camping this weekend! And we had “s’more fun” than we should have been able to handle. Hiking, … Continue reading A camping we will go…With Girl Scouts